Roadmap use QR codes

For a campaign to be efficient Qr code must be structured and organized. To be successful the campaign will be proposed 10 rules that will give you the knowledge to properly use QR codes to make your campaign a value and have a good impact for your customers.

Read carefully before you start to design your campaign. 10 QR codes rules.
1. Choose your type of QR code
2. Customize Your QR Code
3. Use contrasting colors
4. Adapt the size of your QR Code
5. Choose the correct media
6. Optimizes visibility QR Code
7. Make sure it is in an area with WiFi / Data Service
8. Explains how to use QR code
9. Adds value
10. Making the QR code link to a mobile website

What is a QR code?
A QR code? This is often small square black and white, that can encontrarcada more frequently in ads. can contain multiple types of useful information for consumers. E.g., a smartphone can redirect a user to a web page in order to allow him to buy the advertised product. That allows to download a coupon, or even make your smartphone add to your calendar imagined event. In summary, QR codes can expand the information in a physical medium and give a digital dimension to the marketing campaign is underway. Your impact on consumers will increase thanks to this technology.
In addition, the look of QR codes is evolving and are becoming more attractive. Because they are used as communication tools, QR codes should be attractive and colored to attract the attention of consumers and get them to be explored.

How to read QR codes?
QR codes are read by calls “reading applications”, that are basically, Barcode scanners. There are dozens of them that can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. A QR code is a very easy three-step process; You have to open your reader application and scan the QR code with the digital camera of the smartphone. When the application recognize the code carried out generally associated action opening a web page.

QR codes can encode the following:

1. A website URL that the user will be directed.
2. An email or a text message ready to be sent.
3. A business card that can be stored directly in the contact list of your smartphone.
4. An event that is automatically added to your calendar.
5. A telephone number recognized by Smartphone Bookmarking.
6. A simple display text.
7. Credentials of Wi-Fi access point to initiate a connection from your smartphone.

Customize Your QR Code
Choosing the right type is the first step in creating your QR Code. Then, can customize. To do, changing colors, the size of a logo or overlay are so many possible modifications.
The customization of the product is a considerable advantage and can differentiate and attract the attention of consumers with a QR code Original. You therefore, increase the visual impact of your ad.

Custom QR code with different colors is a plus, provided that it remains legible!

Adjust the size of your QR code
Do not print your QR code in a in a small size so that it is legible. Care must be taken with this and calculate the right size according to these two factors:

minimum size of the QR Code
The QR code can be printed at any size however, should not print it by 3cm by 3cm lower (1,2 inches).
The following formula gives the ideal size and distance according to the scan:
Size of your QR Code code = Distance from the reader / 10

Pay attention: All Smartphones do not have the same quality Photo. You think about it when you choose the scanning distance.

The distance exploration environment QR Code
The size of your QR Code depends, for, your environment. Know if your QR code is printed on the product packaging or a large poster. Because of these two options the size of your code will be very different.

E.g., if you choose to print the code on a billboard will scan the QR Code
of 3 distance meters which will 33 inches 33 centimeters.
Anyway the best way to ensure that your QR code has good size is scanned using different browsers and different smartphones.

Choose the correct media
T, cups, posters and even toilet paper, Printing Options for QR codes are very different and original! However, printing technology support can affect reading QR codes. E.g., the printing surface should allow QR codes can be scanned. Also try to avoid printing on reflective surfaces or highly distorted.

Optimizes your visibility QR Code
Besides the media have chosen to think about the environment in which they show. It has to be both easy to read and visible to customers. Try to keep the QR code displayed on the poster too low, in a dark place or even on a mobile support. In addition, be more efficient to publish QR codes in environments where consumers are able to take your smartphone to scan the QR code.

Make sure it is in an area with WiFi / Data Service
If you are in an area without WiFi / data service, Your QR Code can not be of any use. Indeed, If your code QRva to redirect the user to a web page, the latter requires access to an Internet network quality. You must be careful as to where you set. Test yourself if possible.

Explains how to use QR code
Not everyone knows or how QR codes are read. It is important for an explanation of what a QR code and more importantly, how to scan.

It offers some value added
Customers do not have to scan your QR code. To attract the user a good idea to incorporate into the poster Discount Coupons, scoop ,Direct marketing is a good example. Must deliver compelling content. This should indicate what kind of benefits will the client from scanning your QR Code.

Making the QR code link to a mobile website
If your QR code redirects to a website should be compatible with mobile. The classic sites offer poor user experience by having to zoom in and out to read your content.


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